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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When it snows in BC, Vancouverites use umbrellas

The original title for this post was "When it snows in Vancouver, asians use umbrellas" but then my prejudice melted away as I saw more and more wide-eyes going to this extreme measure to prevent the horrible snowflakes from cascading from the skies onto their coats or *gasp* hair. I'm not sure if they realized that just a good shake or two will free them from these frigid attackers. I wonder if they just think that because its chemical formula is H2O and it fell from the sky that it should be dealt with in the exact same way as rain. Who knows, but it's amusing to me to this very day.

Also, the week and a half long tapwater ban was lifted just in time for the blackout and Snow Day that occurred at UBC this past Monday. A fair amount of snow fell and I guess the infrastructure wasn't prepared for that so it was lights out until about 3 pm on Monday. Coincidentally enough, my productivity soared during this time as I couldn't check my emails, watch season 2 of The Office on DVD, read blogs and recheck my email. On Tuesday, the university was open but with some outstanding issues such as heat and fumehoods. We had to sit through a 1.5 hour seminar in a lecture hall maintained at a comfortable 5oC. The only thing which made it bearable was the fact that a major topic of the talk was CAAC (try pronouncing it). Apparently a rigid CAAC works better than a flexible CAAC. Small CAACs are useless and disappointing. (I kid you not these terms were actually used and compared in this way).

Here are some beautiful pictures I took of the campus.


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