It's OK, I'm a Chemist

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Well, absence does make the heart grow fonder. After a one month sabbatical, I'm back, baby. What have I been doing during this time, you ask? I graduated. And then I went drinking. I went to see The Darkness concert. Suffice to say, they kicked some major arse. And there were whores there to boot - or we assumed they were whores (they certainly looked like the whores I keep, umm, reading about). After the concert, we went drinking. My friend Jumpei, with whom I worked with last year, left for Japan. So, a surprise party was thrown for him. It was a very nice affair. On Canada Day, I served beers at the ceremonies in Greenfield Park from 5 pm - 12 pm and ended up making something like $100 in tips. The following day was my 23rd birthday. A couple of us went out to Hurley's to enjoy a beer. There will probably be more on these events later, stay tuned.