It's OK, I'm a Chemist

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

In a life complete with awkward moments, I experienced another one last night. I was on the bus back home from the gym after work. I was sporting my "More Cowbell" t-shirt (given to me by my ex-girlfriend). Being hawt from the gym, I decided to remove my jacket while on the bus and rocked out to some tunes on my mp3 player. Sure enough, who gets on the bus just a few stops before when I would get off but the ex.... with her boyfriend. Now why did I have to wear the t-shirt that day? Ah well, I like the t-shirt regardless so I'll be damned if I stop wearing it.

I've developed an alarming affinity for chocolate milk. I drink probably about 3L a week. This is probably not a completely healthy thing.

I finally heard back from UBC and they want to fly me out to Vancouver to check out the school. Yay! I'm really looking forward to this. First Deadmonton and then Hong-Kouver (god I love generalizations!). I think I'll probably go out the week of April 1st.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I received two interesting emails last Thursday, which had decidedly different effects on me. One was from Brad Brown, a friend and teammate for 8 years with the GPK Packers, who informed me that another ex-teammate was on trial for repeated sexual assault. There were quite a few guys I've played with who I would suspect of this but Jonathan Lefebvre was one of the last ones. I used to hang out with the guy a little and I generally thought highly of him. Guess I'm just not a good judge of character - which would explain why I have you as my friends...

The second email was from a member of the Graduate recruitment committee chair for the University of Alberta. He wrote me to say that they have looked over my application to attend graduate school there and they want to fly me out to Edmonton to have a look at the school and the city and to meet with potential supervisors. Obviously, this is better news than the first email. I'm waiting to hear back from UBC - hopefully they want to fly me out as well - so I can visit both schools in one big western tour. I've also applied to graduate school at McGill University. Purely for academic reasons, Alberta might be the best fit for me but living in Vancouver sounds a lot more appealing than living in Edmonton. Also, it would be cool to return to McGill and experience living downtown and being close to all my friends (who may or may not be sexual predators.... *cough* Michael Choi *cough*). Right now, it's the waiting game but I'm getting pretty anxious to get things all planned out.

On a lighter note, I'm sure all the Simpsons fans will appreciate this.

On a sexier note, I'm sure all Natalie Portman fans will appreciate this.